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Boutique in size, massive in ambition.

We are a virtual collective of experienced product consultants who deliver exceptional digital solutions, from concept to completion. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and goals, and create beautiful, user-friendly, and impactful products across mobile apps, web apps, VR, and AI. We offer premium solutions at non-agency prices.


The start of a beautiful friendship

Phill Hunt, our CEO, has a long history of working at the forefront of human-computer interaction. In 2007, he saw an opportunity to build a new business dedicated to the mobile experience. He partnered with Mike Llewellyn, start-up CTO and development expert, to form Mobikats, a mobile app development agency. 

Mobikats was designed from the ground up to enable its people to work from wherever they want and to have time to explore future tech. The result is high-quality solutions that delight both users and clients, at a fraction of the cost of large agencies. 

Next Chapter

Human computer interaction is never static and continues to evolve, P360M was created 3 years ago to expand our services  to include web development, VR, and AI solutions. We can offer these solutions through our developers network made up of incredibly talented individuals from around the world.

Why work with us

We listen and collaborate with our clients to deliver well executed solutions Everything starts with a conversation, it allows you the client and for us to get to know each other. A chance for both parties to share ideas and explore what can be done. Once commissioned we become part of your team and working alongside our clients, removing barriers and producing beautiful solutions.


Our team our all incredibly experienced, passionate and best of breed in their areas of expertise, so you get the best working with and for you We have formed a team made up of experienced designers, project managers and developers who have years of experience working in their fields.



The service we offer is what you would expect from large agencies but at a fraction of the cost We don’t have a swanky office address, but we do have some of the best people in the industry, which means we can do more for less. It also means you have the best people working from start to completion of your project, working tirelessly to make it a success.

How we work

The core of our business is understanding our clients and their business and customer needs. Our magic lies in converting these needs into beautiful digital strategies, keeping our clients at the center of that strategy from beginning to delivery, and beyond. Here's how we do it...


Before starting: We don't just pitch a process, we take time to understand your business and convert your brief into creative digital strategies.All fully costed with clear timelines

During the project: We assign a project team of project manager, designers and developers and begin with detailed workshops to lock down features, technical strategy and design.

All our projects are operated using an agile development methodology nested within a traditional project plan, providing clients with control and clarity on project progress. We begin with design sprints, which feed into development. Agile development allows us to review the developing solution with the client, capturing their feedback for the following sprint. Our coding approach prioritizes quality, including the use of code repositories, automated testing, and regular testing cycles. Upon reaching a functionally complete product, we move into more formal functional testing. Bugs are captured in our bug tracking system, regularly reviewed, and fixed in new, rapid development release cycles until the client approves release. Then working with our clients we mange the release process and provide ongoing support to make all our solutions a success.

Post-release support includes ongoing engagement as a virtual team member, providing strategies to amplify the app's performance, creating and owning development roadmaps for future feature upgrades to help make their app the best it can be.


Our Team

Our team is made up of people who are extremely capable with years of experience and passion in creating beautiful solutions for our clients.


Phill Hunt
Co-Founder & CEO

Phill has 30 years of experience working on the cutting edge of technology and human interaction. A tech pioneer since the early 90s, Phill Hunt climbed ranks at Microsoft and Yahoo before co-founding Mobikats with our CTO in 2008. Passionate about human-tech interaction, he’s excited to explore the future of VR, MR, and AI.


Mike Llewellyn
Co-Founder & CTO

Mike has over 30 years of software development experience, from developing a trading system for the London Stock Exchange to mobile applications for banks, retail and gaming. Mike enjoys creating software systems that solve complex problems for users in a simple and delightful way. Mike’s career has covered designing, managing and implementing a wide variety of different systems to the great satisfaction of sometimes millions of users.


Sarah Cantillon
Client Director

Sarah has over 25yrs agency and marketing experience delivering award-winning branded engagements and user-focused digital innovations for global clients. An empathic, authentic leader who excels in delivering projects that require complex multistakeholder management on time and on budget. A trusted strategic partner to our clients, Sarah’s desire to create meaningful, human centric digital experiences that work ensures the consumer is always top of mind alongside the commercial objectives.


Tim Ash
Product Design Director

Tim is a multi award-winning, hands-on digital experience design director (ux/ui) with over 28 years experience. He creates human-centric products, services and content for brands and businesses of different sizes across different verticals, including Coca-Cola, Vodafone, SEAT, Virgin Media, Clarins and Benefit Cosmetics. He also has an obsession with retro computer games and 80's music, to such extent, he's writing a novel about it.


Awards and accreditations


The Drum Agency Business Awards: Clarins Connect - Most Effective Campaign

Appy award: NHS Direct Symptom checker - Best health and well-being app

Apps featured by Apple Appstore and/or Google Play:
NHS symptom checker
NCP carparks
Empire magazine movies app
Zoopla property app
Parkers car guide

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