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As Covid robbed our ability to meet face-to-face, Mesmerise tasked Mobikats to build a business metaverse service to enable businesses to have conferences, meetings and exhibitions within a virtual space, within their existing Gatherings platform.


Unity VR


The challenge

While Gatherings excels at hosting large conferences and exhibitions, it lacked a dedicated space for users to engage in informal interactions. Mesmerise envisioned a casual environment where individuals could hold impromptu meetings, unwind with casual games, and even test innovative ways of interacting within the VR space.

What we did

Mobikats, passionate about innovative user-computer interaction, teamed up with Ukrainian Unity experts, KAPPS, to craft a private members club within Gatherings VR. This inviting space, designed for intimate meetings and casual games, boasts intuitive controls and infrastructure for dialogue, web presentations, and seamless inter-space navigation via "door metaphors". Our combined expertise, bolstered by KAPPS' VR gaming prowess, delivered this virtual haven on time and to spec.

The results

Our stunning virtual club house, packed with innovative features, not only delighted users but also impacted Gatherings' future development. By sharing our process, we boosted code management and reliability across the team. This success cemented our ongoing partnership with Mesmerise, building VR games and supporting Gatherings to this day.

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