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Clarins Connect

Premium cosmetic and skincare brand Clarins had a problem: They had brilliant products and brilliant Beauty Advisors helping bring customers and products together. However, when it came to gathering customer data, either the customers were reluctant, or the manual capture process caused a lot of poor quality data.

iPad App

Objective C

CX / UX / UI

The challenge

From the outset, the biggest challenge was creating a digital clientelling experience that didn't compromise the face-to-face conversation experience, something Clarins invest millions of pounds in.

The other primary challenge was creating a digital experience that not only significantly elevated the overall sentiment towards Clarins from customers and staff but also did not require significant onboarding or have a steep learning curve.

Finally the experience needed to equalise the value exchange and encourage customers to provide their personal data.

What we did

We created and built a companion product for iPad that was focussed and streamlined, allowing the BA's to process a conversation on the app quickly and easily. Understanding when and where this would be appropriate was key to the success of the app.

We improved the customer offering adding tailored, interactive skin care plans, and a simple data collection experience to minimise data errors. Customer details would then be batch processed to the Clarins customer database and cleansed.

By creating this interactive Skin Care Plan, the customer gets enhanced content to support their product purchase and Clarins creates a legitimate, customer opted-in relationship

The results

The app ran for 5 years in the UK. It was rolled out to over 380 stores and achieved some staggering results including over 5,000 conversations a week, 3,000 new customer signups per week, £65mm total revenue processed through the app and an impressive 92% decrease in data errors!

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