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Audi Hub

To boost sales and customer satisfaction, Audi partnered with Wonderly and Mobikats to create a mobile app for all employees and franchise partners. This centralized hub delivers essential news, alerts, and training right to their pockets, streamlining information flow, empowering sales efforts, and enhancing aftercare through continuous learning.

iOS / Android



The challenge

Bridging the knowledge gap for Audi's dispersed sales and technical support teams, who lack easy access to crucial car information, requires a solution beyond traditional web portals. A mobile-first approach, like a dedicated app with bite-sized content, push notifications, and offline accessibility, could be the key to unlocking their potential. This would deliver the right information at the right time, directly to their pockets, empowering them to excel in their roles and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction.

What we did

To empower Audi's mobile workforce, we collaborated to craft a user-friendly, cross-platform app in Flutter. Designed for intuitive navigation and immediate engagement, the app puts crucial information directly at employees' fingertips on both iOS and Android devices. Push notifications keep everyone informed about the dynamic landscape of car manufacturing, support, and sales, ensuring seamless communication even on the go. Deployment via Apple Business Manager and Google Play Store offers hassle-free installation for every user, paving the way for enhanced efficiency and a well-informed Audi team.

The results

Our intuitive mobile app, has revolutionised information access for Audi and their franchise dealers. Employees rave about the ease of finding crucial data on their phones, boosting efficiency and performance across the board. Now, we're thrilled to expand this success, bringing the same user-friendly experience to other renowned VWG brands like Skoda. Imagine the possibilities: a unified information hub streamlining operations across your entire network, empowering staff and delighting customers. Let's partner to turn that vision into reality.

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